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How do you prepare a climate for your own country? It wasn't too difficult for Montenera. Just look at the climate of the Azores. Montenera is located just north of this island group. The far north of Montenera is perhaps a little colder and wetter than the south, around the Azores. But in general Montenera has a fairly nice climate. So not wrong. Certainly better than the climate of the Netherlands!

On Wikipedia, for example, the following is stated about the Climate of Portugal: "The Azores have a constant climate throughout the year with few temperature differences. The temperature varies between 14.0 and 24.8 ° C, with August being the hottest month. The seawater varies in temperature between 16.0 and 22.0 ° C during the year, under the influence of the Gulf Stream.

The climate of Montenera is similar to that of the Azores. Because Montenera has a north-south orientation, the north is a little cooler than the south.

The mountains also influence the climate. The east of the country falls in the rain, so it is drier.
The west of the island is wetter due to the predominantly western winds.

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Montenera is located just east of the mid-Atlantic ridge. Because of this it has quite a few volcanic phenomena. Earthquakes often occur as a result of this.Montenera is located just east of the mid-Atlantic ridge. Because of this it has quite a few volcanic phenomena. Earthquakes often occur as a result of this.The Strutasaurus (dinosaur bird) is a species of bird that only occurs in Montenera.

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Montenera is located just east of the mid-Atlantic ridge. Because of this it has quite a few volcanic phenomena. Earthquakes often occur as a result of this.The landscape is therefore formed by volcanic activity. There are a few, still active, volcanoes. The country is mountainous, hence the name Montenera.

Photo background: Archie Binamira (Pexels)


Montenera was originally discovered by Columbus. When he sailed to the Azores, he soon discovered a large country north of it. The Portuguese settled in the south of the island, in a bay where they found the settlement of Novobão. This is therefore one of the oldest cities in Montenera. The area around Novobao was called Novibon by the Portuguese, after the Portuguese capital Lisbon.

When the Dutch arrived north of the island in the 17th century, the island had already been colonized by Portuguese and Spaniards. These, however, had no interest in colonizing what they called the "wild north." When the Dutch moved further south and established the port city of Blaeupoort (which they named after the well-known Dutch cartographer Blaeu), the Spaniards and Portuguese were still afraid that they would lose the island. This eventually led to negotiations whereby the Netherlands transferred part of Brazil (Recife) to Portugal.
Montenera was governed from 3 European countries until 1965: United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Portugal.
At the time of the decolonization, the Länder each became independent.
In 1968, two years after independence, the four Länder decided to continue under a country name: the Republic of Montenera (land of - volcanic - mountains).
The present-day Montenera is an independent republic, with different population groups. The capital Lassano is located in the federal district. Mondespera is mainly spoken there.

Photo background: John Smith (Pexels)


For centuries, the inhabitants of Montenera were staring at the many volcanoes in their country. She increasingly noticed the more or less triangular shape of these mountains. For that reason, they increasingly considered the 'triangle' shape as the symbol of their country. The triangle can sometimes be found in the architecture of buildings: these are sometimes triangular.

Photo background: Diego Madrigal (Pexels)


The triangle can sometimes be found in the architecture of buildings: these are sometimes triangular.

 Photo background: Pexels


Different languages are spoken in the different states of Montenera. Dutch in Compania, Portuguese in Noviboa, English in Woths. In addition, a few other languages are spoken locally.
Mondespera is used as a common language, a local variant of Esperanto.

YesHayGood morningBonan morgan
NoNeGood afternoonBonan tagmedzo
Here you areVediplezeGood eveningHere you are
Thank youDankonIk heet JeroenMi  heddas Jeromo
Bye ByeDjis vidauJeroen van den BergJeromo de la Monto


The country's economy originated from the culture of the triangles. Montenera has a triangular economy. Just as most countries on Earth calculate their GNP in money, alternatives are now also available. For example, Bhutan has the Gross National Happiness, and the United Nations measures the position of that country on the Human Development Index.
The currency of Montenera is the Gudo (1 Gudo = 100 Ludo). Besides tourism, the most important export product of Montenera is Edufiction. It exports a lot of Edufiction knowledge to mainly Dutch schools.




Education is an important part of the economy of Montenera. In the country, the prestigious Montenera School of Geofiction and Worldbuilding is located. From this school, geofiction professor Jeromo de La Monto gives guest lessons to schools in different countries. 


In Montenera, just like in many other countries, football is very poupular. Here, however, the competition is played differently than in most other countries. Since the triangle is the symbol of Montenera, this vrom cannot be missed in football either.
The English once introduced the Three-sided football in the English-speaking part of Montenera (Woths). Three teams play against each other. This naturally changes the rules of the game. Because it is not the team that scores the most goals that is the winner, but the team that collects the least number of goals.

Montenera is the land of volcanoes, and therefore also of fire. It is not surprising that the world fire breathing championship is taking place in Montenera.

The inhabitants of Montenera love mountain climbing. That is why they are given ample opportunity in their country. The country consists of many mountains, many of which are volcanoes. That is therefore much more volcano climbing. The residents find it most exciting to climb the volcano when it is just erupting. The trick is to come down the mountain alive and as quickly as possible.

Photo by Archie Binamira from Pexels



The volcanic landscape plays an important role in the cuisine of Montenera.

Typical drinks and dishes are:

* Hot lightning
* Lava wine
* Lavanade (special lemonade)
* Volcano chocolates (see photo on the left)

Chocolate volcanoes (photo left)
Chocolate volcanoes are typical delicacies from Montenera. The tradition of chocolate was introduced by the Flemish. The Flemish had already arrived in the Azores in the 15th century and later also in Montenera.

The Montenera drink table

In Montenera, on 16 June 1773, "The Peace of Montenera" was concluded, a treaty between the different population groups. Various sections of the population were represented during the negotiations on this treaty. O.a. Britons (province of Whots) who brought tea during the negotiations. The other groups also brought their own drink, such as port (by the Portuguese) and gin and orange bitter (Dutch).
During the negotiations, the various drinks were placed open on the table and people could try anything. The participants soon started to combine the different types of drinks and during the further discussions the table remained filled with the various drinks that were combined with the tea. After peace was concluded, they continued to use this tea drink table in Montenera. In the beginning at important events. Over the centuries it became more and more a habit. Nowadays, guests are received with this tea drink table.

Typical Montenera dish:

Appetizer: pumpkin soup with raw bean sprouts.

Main course: Hot lightning, small stuffed bell pepper (with grilled and seasoned finely chopped vegetables and stewed spiced meat (roulade / ham leg)

Dessert: Chocolate volcanoes with fruits and ice cream.

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