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You have now seen an example of a made-up country: Montenera. At the Montenera School of Geofiction you learn to conceive and design your own country. Build your own world.

Project Edufiction at your school
Most schools do have one or more projects during the school year. There are usually several school subjects involved. Often the projects are in special project weeks or the students work on a project for a few hours a week. Anyway, every project has a specific theme. One of those themes can be geofiction. That's what this site is about.

If all goes well, you have recently received a guide from your project education teacher about what you should do for the geofiction project. This manual goes beyond the explanation given on this site. If, for example, it says that you have to compose a national anthem (and not on this site), then you are supposed to make a national anthem. You can use the explanation on this site as good tips for your project. But the guiding principle is ultimately the manual that you received from your school.

Choose one of the following parts below to get more explanation for your project.

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What is geofiction or worldbuilding exactly? Before you start your project it is nice to know more about this subject. 


When you design a fictional country, you have to follow a few steps. Here i describe which steps these are.


How you make a: 
* map of your country
* flag of your country
* national anthem

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